Random Recommendation: The Redeemer Report

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The Redeemer Report

From time to time I like to recommend things that I’ve found helpful, but don’t fit easily into either my Top Reads (monthly since 2017) posts or Book Reviews. The Redeemer Report, which comes from Redeemer Churches and Ministries (which came out of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, planted and pastored until recently by Tim Keller) is a brilliant model of a church seeking to pastorally offer it’s people some theological reflection on pertinent issues.

The Report covers a wide range of issues, and is well worth browsing. You are likely to find something interesting – and Tim Keller’s articles are just the icing on the cake. I’d encourage you to check out the archive if you have some spare reading time – at the time of writing this little post, it is all freely available and very readable:

The Redeemer Report

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