Random Recommendation: Shane and Shane

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From time to time on my blog historically, and I hope ongoing-ly (sorry, probably not actually a word, comment below if you know the correct word) I like to recommend things. This isn’t the same as a review – which I do fairly often, and mostly of books – and isn’t as in depth. A good summary of why I do these posts (except for when I do them more in depth) would be:

‘hey, internet, here’s something I like, I can’t necessarily articulate why, but you should totally check it out’

So, today, I’m recommending a pair of Christian singers whom I find particularly helpful for my personal worship through listening to music, or as a background to work and relaxing. Shane and Shane were introduced to me obliquely by a student at LST, where I worked in Admin in 2015. I blogged about that previously.

Basically, the music that this pair comes out with is, in my mind at least, a brilliant blend of truth and grace, of musicality and theological help.

This comes across when they do a classic hymn:

It comes across, too, when they do more modern songs, or their own songs. I love ‘Though You Slay Me’, in the linked post above, but I found the song below brilliant too. All the Poor and Powerless is at once a song of lament for the way things are and a song of hope for the way they will be. Some of the themes of worship, singing, justice and the Kingdom of God I explored in my little Advent series before Christmas are encapsulated in this recording. Regardless, I would recommend a listen:

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