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The team at the UK’s Society for the Study of Theology have just launched their new website…

Check it out!

If you haven’t checked it out, you should, because it is a vast improvement over the old one (Even if I liked the yellow) and echoes, I think, the Society’s desire to be more accessible and easier to communicate with. Having thoroughly enjoyed presenting and being at previous SST conferences (And an excellent postgraduate conference) I’d warmly encourage friends engaged in theological thinking, formally or informally, to consider SST.

The 2019 conference is taking place at the University of Warwick, on the 8th-10th of April. The theme – and I personally am excited to see what theological reflections come out of this – is ‘Grace’, and the keynote speakers as advertised include Emilie M. Townes, Kathryn Tanner, Philip Ziegler, Jenny Daggers, N. T. Wright, Karen Kilby, Linn Marie Tonstad, Martin Westerholm, and Andrew Prevot. Without being too cynical, you could say that there is something for everyone.

The SST team should be commended on a solid new website (Apart from one typo and another omission that only the anal editor in me is likely to care about) and making it easier to connect with the Society and it’s conference.

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