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Morning all! Today is the first day of my new job. I am, apparently, the Digital Marketing Executive for SPCK – the UK’s key Christian Publisher. Having recently aqquired IVP, the UK’s leading conservative evangelical publisher, SPCK is an interesting place to work.

For those of you you who, like me, are bemused by this particular job title, I reproduce the advertised job spec:


 Reports to the Campaigns Manager, who in turn reports to the Commercial Director


 Work with Campaigns Manager together with Publicity and Marketing Executives to manage online publicity profile for SPCK, SPCK titles and authors.


  • Contribute a digital and social media perspective to commissioning process
  • Prepare/run one social media campaign per week for leading titles
  • Monitor, update and enhance in-house websites on a daily basis
  • In conjunction with Campaigns Manager, plan, schedule and test weekly e-newsletters to consumers
  • In conjunction with the Marketing and Publicity Assistant, monitor Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Mailchimp analytics, providing weekly reports to the department
  • Be open to revising digital campaigns based on how well content is performing
  • Blog via social media and publish website blogs at least twice a week, in conjunction with Marketing and Publicity Assistant
  • Engage in search marketing as necessary in conjunction with online lists and other means
  • Develop relationships with journalists via social media to increase chances of review
  • Organise and action, where necessary, online festivals and blog tours in order to increase our online community


  • Maintaining good contact and co-operation with all employees of the Society
  • Maintaining dialogue with other departments, especially in communicating information on and enthusiasm for the publications
  • Maintaining good relations with retailers, church and other organisations
  • Remaining ready and willing to represent SPCK at relevant launches and external events (which may include occasional evenings and weekends)
  • Working happily with customers and books of all types of churchmanship and none
  • Contributing to the overall operation of SPCK Publishing and helping to foster a positive team spirit
  • Participating positively in all meetings
  • Keeping in close touch with all market developments and passing relevant information to other departments as necessary


The job is currently based at SPCK Head Office in London SW1, and occasional travel is also involved.


  1. You must be ready to work with individuals, organisations and publications of all types of churchmanship and none.
  2. In addition to your contracted hours, you may be required to work overtime if necessary to meet the needs of the Society’s work.
  3. You must be willing to take your holiday at times which fit with the requirements of the job.
  4. You may be required to undertake other duties from time to time if in the opinion of your manager the needs of the Society so require


Hopefully that clears it up!

I’m looking forward to see what is next.

This is likely to affect my book reviews. But I’ll keep you posted.

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