My #AARSBL17 Book Pile

I was privileged to be attending both the 69th Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in Providence, Rhode Island, and the most recent gathering of the American Academy of Relgion and the Society of Biblical Literature. One of the most exciting features of these two conferences (for me, at least) is their massive bookstalls.

Working on the IVP (UK) stand at ETS meant I had some great conversations – being deposited next to a seminary’s stand meant I had some hard questions to ask. At SBL/AAR I was on walkabout – enjoying and examining the exhibitions, hearing and noting papers, and drinking coffee/beer/water/soda* with folk from all over the world.

I’ve still got a lot of reflecting to do on my most recent time in the states. I met some great people, heard some fascinating presentations, ate some good food, drank some average beer, and generally rested. As well as this, I managed to blag, brag and otherwise steal (one book was for signing up to an email newsletter) a pile of books. With the return of a colleague, that pile had two great additions.

But I digress.

Why have I got this pile of books, and what do I hope to learn from it?

This is just one of the things I took away from AAR\SBL\ETS. I hope to be able to share much more. For the time being, you can enjoy my review of Larchet’s Theology of the Body. Otherwise – find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

‘Give us this Day’ – a free devotional from a Catholic printing press. I’m intrigued to see what this will be like.

Three Journals – The Journal of the American Academy of Religion, The Journal of Church and State, and The Scottish Journal of Theology. I like keeping up with whats going on academically when I can – this is a great way to do so!

‘The Righteous Mind’ – I’ve heard this book raved about in multiple contexts, and so am excited to read it.

‘Theology of the Body’ – this is an Eastern Orthodox look at this important subject – and I’ve already reviewed it!

‘Biblical Authority After Babel’ – this is a new book by Kevin Vanhoozer that I’ve had my eye on for a little while. I’m intrigued to see what I think of it.

‘On Augustine’ – at SPCK we publish Rowan’s shorter books – this is a longer, newer, more technical book. I’m intrigued to see what Augustine looks like through Rowan’s eyes!

‘Prosperity Theology and the Gospel’ – this is an important and interesting book. I can’t wait to read it.

‘Lovin’ on Jesus’ – having met the author of this book, and worshipping in one of the contexts touched on, I’m looking forward to thinking theologically about contemporary worship.

‘Good Arguments’ – I was recommended this by an American Roman Catholic friend. We have great conversations – and good disagreements. I hope this book will be a useful one!

‘Romans: A Catholic Commentary on Scripture’ – one can never have too many commentaries on Romans. This is by Scott Hahn, a Roman Catholic convert from Protestantism. I’m intrigued to see how he handles key passages!

‘The Pietist Option’ – there’s been a lot of fuss about Rod Dreher’s ‘The Benedict Option’, and this is an alternative.

‘The Greek New Testament’ – Crossway and Tyndale House have produced a new Greek New Testament. I’m looking forward to continuing to dabble with my rusty, dusty Greek, and this should be a helpful tool.

‘Luther’s Gospel’ – Tomlin is someone I admire, as is Luther, so I’m excited to get into this little book.

‘To Share in the Body’

‘John: NCCS’

‘An Eerdmans Century: 1911-2011’ – Eerdmans is a publisher I respect and admire – and I’m looking forward to learning things from this history.

‘Retrieving Eternal Generation’ – A technical book, that I’m quite interested in.

‘The Mind of the Spirit’ – Craig Keener should need no introduction, but isn’t that well known in some circles. I’m hoping this book will be helpful for my own personal relationship with Jesus, as well as my attempts at thinking and writing.

Since getting back to my office – and sending a few emails – I’ve been fortunate to receive two other books that I’ve wanted to read for a while:

‘Awaiting the King’ – the final volume in James K. A. Smith’s brilliant ‘Cultural Liturgies’ trilogy. This is a book I’m particularly excited about, especially as the state of religion and politics in the West is at a pretty low ebb.

‘The Magnificent Story’ – another book I’ve been looking forward to reading, which I hope will add to how I’m thinking and practicing as a Christian.

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