More Bible Questions with Premier

As alluded to in a previous blog post, I was privileged to be invited back to Premier Christian Radio in London for a half hour of chat and back-and-forth around questions on the Bible.

Premier Radio

This time, the questions came thick and fast and slightly more contentious than before!

I think I got away with my answers, but there are two questions I’ve going to have to engage with deeper, because I just couldn’t answer them on air. One of them is an interesting hermeneutical question, drawing together a number of Old and New Testament texts, the other goes to the heart (or, at least, the way lots of people want to talk about it) of what it means to be human.

  1. What happened to theĀ Tribe of Dan in Revelation 7? Why isn’t Dan mentioned in this list?
  2. Are the Spirit and the Soul the same thing?

It was good to be back in conversation with people about the Bible, engaging with questions and trying to do some speed theology. I’ll look forward to getting my teeth into these two questions.

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