Marriage, Family and Relationships

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It is quite difficult to review an edited collection of essays, particularly when they make you nod with agreement throughout, and cover a wide range of topics. At the time of writing I am also employed by SPCK to market IVP’s books, so in lieu of a normal review I offer an annotated table of contents.

Marriage, Family and Relationships

Introduction – Thomas A. Noble, Sarah K. Whittle and Philip S. Johnston
1. The patricentric vision of family order in Deuteronomy – Daniel I. Block
2. Ordered relationships in Leviticus – Katherine Smith – a careful look at the why and what of relationships in Leviticus, helpful foundational stuff.
3. ‘Who is this coming up from the wilderness?’ Identity and interpretation in the Song of Songs – Rosalind Clarke – brilliant examination of key themes in SoS.
4. The sexuality of God incarnate – Andy Angel – a provocative and fascinating piece about the sexuality of Jesus. Good summary of his Intimate Jesus (SPCK, 2018)
5. Developing a biblical theology of singleness – Barry Danylak – a good grounding for this important topic.
6. ‘Let even those who have wives be as though they had none’ (1 Cor. 7:29) – Sarah K. Whittle – a helpful treatment of this vital text.
7. Are we sexed in heaven? Bodily form, sex identity and the resurrection – Ian Paul – superb piece of eschatological exegesis, vital for contemporary conversations.
8. Deferring to Dad’s discipline: Family life in Hebrews 12 – Nicholas Moore – helpful examination of a fascinating interlude in thisbook.
9. Evidence of non-heterosexual inclinations in first-century Judaism – David Instone-Brewer – an accessible and eye-opening study. Required reading!
10. Marriage in early, Christian and African perspectives – Onesimus Ngundu – fascinating overview of some important topics.
11. Human sexuality and Christian anthropology A. T. B. McGowan – robust theological anthropology, focusing on the sexual elements of what it means to be human.
12. ‘One man and one woman’: The Christian doctrine of marriage – Oliver O’Donovan – classic O’Donovan.
13. Covenant partnerships as a third calling? A dialogue with Robert Song’s Covenant and Calling: Towards a Theology of Same-Sex Relationships – Andrew Goddard – irenic and firm.
14. ‘Male and female he created them’? Theological reflections on gender, biology and identity – Andrew Sloane – helpful explorations
15. Shadows across gender relations – Elaine Storkey – superb precis’ of Scars Across Humanity.
16. On not handling snakes: Late-modern cultural assumptions about sexuality – Stephen R. Holmes- helpful and wise observations from one of my favourite contemporary Baptists.
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