Don’t Read, Listen! An Older Conference Paper

A few years ago, I was lucky to be part of Ecclesia and Ethics, an online/hybrid theological conference, considering the way that social media affects our humanity. I gave a paper that was based on an essay written for my Master’s at St John’s College Nottingham. Titled ‘Disembodied Relationality: contextualising an ethic of social media within an understanding of the imago Dei’, the paper has been up over at my profile since then, for those who like to read. I’ve also recently become aware (as I’ve been snooping around the EE4 Call for Papers!) that there is actually a recording, and so for those of you not given to reading long papers, but who like to listen at their own pace, I’ve embedded it below. While it is a video, technically, it is just audio and the title. So you could listen to it whilst playing a decent strategy game, running, or whatever. You could also just read it, if you are old fashioned like me. It includes the comments and questions at the end, which are always interesting. Comments, as ever, are very welcome.


Thomas Creedy from J. Frederick on Vimeo.


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