Book Review: The Forgotten Cross

The Forgotten Cross

I’ve just finished reading a brilliant little book on the cross by my friend Lee Gatiss. Sometimes, as a writer of sorts, you breathe a large sigh of relief when you read a book. The Forgotten Cross elicited one of those responses – no doubt shocking my fellow tube travelers – as in this book Lee has written a book I’d have loved to have written but didn’t know where to start.

The Forgotten Cross is a slim little paperback that is well worth your time. Committed to the diamond core of the gospel, penal substitution, Lee spends time in this book unpacking and exploring the beauty and riches of the cross.

This little book is one that I want you to read. I’ll be blogging about it over the next month or so because I really think this little book is worth reading. Lee, who is someone worth listening to, with parish and academic experience, an experience diplomat and a man of real reformed conviction, has written a brilliant new book on the Cross. Dealing with six ‘s’s, Lee ponders how the cross challenges our worldly understandings of Success, Sergice, Suffering, Sanctification and Suffering. 

If you read one book on the cross this year – 2017, the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, the quincentenary of the year the Gospel was loosed once again on the continent of Europe – this is the one you should read. 


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