Book Review: Some Words for Another Time

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I was privileged to restart and oversee LST’s Alumni efforts throughout 2015, and one unexpected bonus of this was the opportunity to review this helpful booklet by LST Alumnus, and pastor of Chichester Baptist Church, Ken Benjamin. Drawing on his experience as a local pastor, Ken decided to jot down some words, words for another time. The ‘other time’, in Kens words, is that time after someone has been bereaved. These are not words for the initial shock, or even for a funeral or thanksgiving, rather they are words for a time after that, when many have forgotten, but grief still exists and affects.

This is a nicely produced, carefully thought through, and eminently readable little booklet. Clocking in at just under 40 pages, this is a powerful blend of pastoral reflection, prayerful advice, encouraging quotes, and the power of a personal story. This is not an abstract book – this is the direct result of reflection on the coalface of pastoral ministry. Though not a piece of academic theology, there is depth to the reflection here, on both the authors own experience of bereavement, but also what – and, crucially, when – words are best used to the person who is missing a loved one.

I would recommend this little booklet as a resource for pastors, particularly new pastors, as well as those involved in pastoral care but without formal training. If just one person was spared the anguish of ‘being assumed to be ok’, as a result of reading this little booklet, that would be wonderful. Written with a pastors heart, and a human perspective, ‘Some Words for Another Time’ is a welcome addition to the list of useful publications by LST/LBC Alumni.


This review originally appeared in ‘LST Insight’, LST’s Theological Magazine. For more book reviews from me, check out the page on my blog.

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