Book Review: Divine Comedy

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Divine Comedy Glen Scrivener

What does it mean to be happy?

What does it mean to cry?

How do we understand the literary concepts of comedy and tragedy – particularly in line with the notion of divinity that the message of Jesus invites us to consider?

I recently read and reviewed Glen’s book from last year, ‘Love Story: The Myth that Really Happened’.

This book isn’t as good. But it is probably more useful.

Glen has engaged with and considered the questions, objections, weird anecdotes and biblical allusions that a whole range of people have come across. This book,¬†Divine Comedy, wraps up a number of these ideas in a readable and gripping narrative. This is a beautiful commentary on the Philippian Hymn. If that doesn’t mean anything, you should read this book. If that means something, but doesn’t invite you into a better story, you should read this book.

How do we decide between comedy and tragedy?

How do we read books without a view on what the wider culture is doing?

What is love?

These three questions, I think, are engaged with in this little book.

This is the Aslan of Easter books – it isn’t perfect, but it is good.


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