Book Review: Beyond the Big C

Jeremy Marshall Beyond the Big C

Jeremy Marshall’s short new book on living with incurable cancer is one of the most inspiring stories I’ve read this year. Published 10ofThose, who kindly sent me a review copy, I’ve got to know the author online a little bit and been impressed by his passion for the Kingdom and zeal for the Gospel.

Beyond the Big C is a short (<80 pages) punchy and readable book. Jeremy is unapologetic about two things – the cancer with which he was diagnosed in 2013, and the gospel of Jesus, to which his life is devoted. This book reads like a letter to friends – but also to those who know neither Jeremy nor the Jesus whom he loves so clearly and dearly. This is an easy-to-read discussion of some of the big questions of life, faith and suffering – and would be worth giving to friends of all faiths and none who are interested in seeing the difference Jesus can make.

The author’s pitch is clear:

If what I am saying is true, these short pages contain the answer to cancer, death and everything. If what I say is not true, you might have wasted 30 more minutes reading on from now. What do you have to lose? I am a Christian not because it’s helpful (although it is) – but because it is true.


I’d recommend this book to those wrestling with the questions of suffering and pain in this life, and suggest that this book could be used (sensitively) in an evangelistic context as it is simply and clearly written. I’m glad to have read Beyond the Big C.

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