An Interview with Wayne Grudem

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An interview with Wayne Grudem

For work I recently had the privilege of interviewing Wayne Grudem, about the second edition of his Systematic Theology. One thing that really struck me was the profound impact that, among others, John Wimber and Vern Poythress (Among others!) had on him.

It’s a long video – over 3/4 of an hour – but it was great fun to do. I didn’t ask, or at least didn’t record, some questions about issues like women in leadership, Donald Trump, and other things – I share this video as an insight into the life and work of a man who has faithfully sought to follow his calling. I first read Grudem’s ST back in 2007 – and it inspired in my a passion for theology that made communicable the joy I’d felt in reading older books, but this was in contemporary language. I don’t align 100%, or even 98%, with Grudem’s ST (though the new edition has some notable and important changes) but it was a nonetheless a personal and professional delight to chat to him.

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