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Throughout my writing career and Christian life, as I’ve turned my library card and reading time to different questions, I’ve compiled bibliographies of books I’ve read or intend to read about different topics. Thus far, I’ve scribbled lists on:

This blog post, I hope, will be another living bibliography. I’ve arranged it a little differently from the others, as this is something I’m both passionate about and have read a lot about.

Firstly, my Top Ten Books on Prayer

  1. Don Carson’s A Call To Spiritual Reformation
  2. Tim Chester’s You Can Pray
  3. Ken Wilson’s Mystically Wired 
  4. Tom Wright’s New Testament Prayer for Everyone
  5. David Hansen’s Long Wandering Prayer
  6. Michael Reeves’ Enjoy Your Prayer Life
  7. Rowan Williams Being Christian (Covers more than prayer, but covers prayer beautifully)
  8. Pete Nicholas and Helen Thorne’s 5 Things to Pray for your City (this is one of a series of practical prayer tools)
  9. William Philip’s Why We Pray
  10. Trystan Owain Hughes, Living the Prayer

Secondly, other books on Prayer that I’ve reviewed

Gunilla Norris, Simple Ways
Mary C. Earle’s Celtic Christian Spirituality
Rodney ReevesSpirituality According to Paul 
Tony Campolo and Mary Darling, The God of Intimacy and Action
Tom Wright, New Testament Wisdom For Everyone

Thirdly, other books on prayer that I own, have dipped into, or otherwise engaged with.

Tom Wright New Testament Prayer for Everyone
Tom Wright The Lord and His Prayer
Richard Foster Celebration of Discipline
Richard Foster Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home
Foster and Gayle Beebe Longing for God
Paul Miller A Praying Life
Andrew Murray With Christ in the School of Prayer
John Calvin The Institutes of the Christian Religion
Wayne Grudem Systematic Theology
Bob Sorge Secrets of the Secret Place
David Hansen Long Wandering Prayer
Gunilla Norris Simple Ways
Dutch Sheets Intercessory Prayer
Philip Jensen and Tony Payne Prayer and the Voice of God
Simon Ponsonby More
Peter Adam Hearing God’s Words
Leaonard Ravenhill Revival Prayer
Colin Whittaker Prayer Mountains
E. M. Bounds E. M. Bounds on Prayer
Philip Yancey Prayer
R. A. Torrey How to Pray, How to study the Bible
R. A. Torrey The Power of Prayer and the prayer of power
Peter Jackson and Chris Wright Faith Confirmed
C. S. Lewis Letters to Malcolm, Chiefly on Prayer
C. S. Lewis
Becca Dean Be. Live. Pray.
Anthony Thiselton The Hermeneutics of Doctrine
Jack Deere Surprised by the Voice of God
Jack Deere The Beginners Guide to the Gift of Prophecy
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Life Together and Prayer Book of the Bible
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Sanctorum Communio
Parks/Fox Prayer Throughout All Ages
J. John Making the Connection
Steve Sampson Youn Can Hear the Voice of God
Steve Sampson Don’t Talk to me now, Lord… I’m trying to Pray!
J. Oswald Sanders Prayer Power Unlimited
George Appleton Praying with the Bible
Alister E. McGrath Christian Spirituality
Matthew Henry A Way to Pray
O. Hallesby Prayer
Brother Yun The Heavenly Man
Campolo and Darling The God of Intimacy and Action
Vaughan Roberts True Worship
The 24/7 Prayer Manual
Stormie Omartian The Power of Praying Through the Bible
Henri Nouwen Turning My Mourning into Dancing
Don Carson A Call to Spiritual Reformation
I. Howard Marshall How far did the early Christians worship God?
R. T. Kendall Did you Think to Pray?
R. T. Kendall The Lord’s Prayer
Helen Bacovin The Way of a Pilgrim and the Pilgrim Continues His Way
Jack Hayford Prayer is Invading the Impossible
Simone Weil Waiting for God
Mike Pilavachi Live the Life
Brother Roger The Rule of Taize
Tim Challies The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment
John Piper Desiring God
Paul Yonghhi Cho Prayer: Key to Revival
Elizabeth Liebert The Way of Discernment
Christopher Ash Hearing the Spirit
Ronald Dunn Don’t Just stand there… Pray Something!
J. C. Ryle A Call to Prayer
Justine Welby Daily Mail article on Royal Baby
Charles Finney Revival
James W. Goll Hearing God
Elizabeth Alves Becoming a Prayer Warrior
Rodney Reeves Spirituality acording to Paul
ed. Graham Dow Pathways of Prayer
James K. A. Smith Desiring the Kingdom
J. I. Packer and Carolyn Nystrom Praying: Finding our way from duty to delight
John Wimber Prayer: Intimate Communication
Robin Parry Worshipping Trinity
Arthur Bennet The Valley of Vision
Terrance Tiessen Providence and Prayer
Ken Wilson Mystically Wired
Tim Chester You Can Pray
Karl Barth Prayer
ed. Don Kistler Let us Pray
The Little Gidding Prayer Book
R. C. Sproul Does Prayer Change Things?
John Johansen-Berg Prayers of the Way
Richard Coekin Our Father
Alan Pritchard Ways of Learning
Pablo Martinez Prayer Life
Mike Reeves Enjoying Your Prayer Life
Rowan Williams Being Christian
David Adam The Edge of Glory
David Adam The Cry of the Deer
John MacArthur, jr. Alone with God
Evelyn Underhill Abba
eds. Alan Wilkinson and Christopher Cocksworth An Anglican Companion
Kenneth Boa Hanbook to Prayer: Praying Scripture Back to God


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