Top Reads – February 2017

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As mentioned last month, I’ve started a new monthly series of posts collecting together the ten best things I’ve read that month. It won’t always be ten, and it might not be the best things I’ve ever read, but hopefully it will be an interesting set of variety. Here are eleven I’ve read in February 2017 that I’d love other people to read:

  1. Facts are Our Friends: Why Sharing Fake News Makes Us Look Stupid and Harms Our Witness – Ed Stetzer wrote a great blog, quite US centric, but very helpful.
  2. Kingdom, Hope and the End of the World – Ian Paul’s new Grove Booklet is probably my new go-to short introduction to the Kingdom of God, and eschatology!
  3. 30 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because of Your Depression – a good, secular article that is very helpful for explaining to others the less obvious effects of depression.
  4. The Shack – The Missing Art of Evangelical Discernment – this post by Al Mohler is just one of a number of good bits of challenge to the phenomenon of ‘The Shack’.
  5. Subtle Ways to Abandon the Authority of Scripture in Our Lives – a hard hitting article in Themelios by Don Carson.
  6. 8 Ways to Read (a Lot) More Books This Year – a great post by Neil Pasricha to help us all read more books…
  7. This article by Justin Taylor, for the Gospel Coalition, on why we might not want to use the word ‘literal’ when we talk about biblical interpretation…
  8. The Soul of Evangelicalism: What Will Become of Us? – a sobering and thoughtful piece from Scott McKnight, recommended to me by a friend.
  9. A Wilderness of Mirrors by Mark Meynell – possibly one of my books of 2017, and a book very much for our time…
  10. Cranmer’s robust and challenging post on cohabition – well worth reading.
  11. A Doubter’s Guide to the Ten Commandments – I reviewed, and will widely recommend, John Dickson’s excellent little book.

There we go! Eleven things I’ve read this month, that I think you should read too.  Do add your recommendations in the comments – I’m always interested to read more things…

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