3 Advent Books

Whilst you might have not noticed my reviews of three different Advent books, particularly as I published them at odd moments in the year, I thought I’d collect them all up in this post now, as this is the sort of time of year you might be looking for an Advent book (unless you work in the book trade, in which case you might already have planned!). This blog post is just a quick round up, with a hint at what you might like to read, depending on your approach to Advent. If you’ve not really considered celebrating advent before, do check out my blog post from 2016.

Advent Reading

1. Songs for a Saviour’s Birth

Why read this? If, like me, Advent and associated reading has not been a part of your spirituality, then this book is a great way in. Published by IVP, and written by William Philip from the Tron, this is a simple, slim and readable entry point into remembering and celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Check out my review here.

2. Love Came Down at Christmas

Why read this? If you are looking for a doctrinally-rooted, daily reading help, this book offers a fresh way into that. Sinclair Ferguson, best known for his Doctrine teaching, works us through 1 Corinthians 13 (a passage often read at weddings) to point us towards Jesus. Beautiful.

Check out my review here.

3. In Touch with God

Why read this? If you are looking for a prayerful, whole-bible approach to Advent, then the late Michael Green’s got you covered. Published by SPCK and written by a great bible teacher and evangelist, this is an excellent little book. He’s also recently written on leadership.


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