2017: My Top Ten Books

As part of my round-up posts about my (Failed?) 2017 Reading challenge, I thought it might be worth gathering the books I liked the most into one place. So, with minimal ado, here are my Top Ten Books of 2017:

1. A Theology in Outline by Robert Jenson – one of the most readable, rich and enjoyable overviews of theology I’ve ever read.

2. A Better story by Glynn Harrison – a superb look at the why, how and what to do of the sexual revolution.

3. A Wilderness of Mirrors by Mark Meynell – an absolutely superb book that I wish I’d read a year earlier.

4. The Forgotten Cross by Lee Gatiss – the best short book on the Cross I’ve read in a while.

5. Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall – a brilliant book, combining history and geography, and one that informs a range of conversations.

6. In Search of Ancient Roots by Kenneth Stephen – a superb history of evangelicalism’s place in the church.

7. The Introvert Charismatic by Mark Tanner – a vital book if you identify with either or both of the words in the title.

8. God With Us by Rowan Williams – one of the world’s most prominent theologians writes beautifully on the Easter weekend.

9. Evangelical, Sacramental & Pentecostal by Gordon T. Smith – an immensely helpful book for bridge-builders and ecclesial identity construction.

10. Theology of the Body by Jean-Claude Larchet – a beautiful and short Eastern Orthodox book on this important topic.


If I could get everyone to read one of these books, it would be Jenson’s as it is such a beautifully written and accessible introduction to ‘theology’. Tim Marshall’s book was immensely enjoyable – and also opens up so many global issues in a fresh way. Gordon T. Smith’s was/is my ‘hidden gem’ – brilliant and very helpful.

For more about how I got on with trying to read 125 books in 2017, check out these two posts:

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