2017: A Reading Challenge

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Whether you’ve just started reading my rants, or you’ve been following my attempts at writing for years (!) then hopefully you’ve noticed that I like to think about reading, talk about reading, and generally like reading. This year I’ve built a stack, made a spreadsheet, and have thought about what I want to read.

Tim Challies, a prolific blogger and writer, has a great blog post giving a framework for a reading challenge:

Me? I’m planning to read quite a few books! I haven’t chosen a book for every (slightly arbitrary) category yet, but if you are interested, you can view my live progress (as I update it) via iCloud:


Books to Read in 2017


As I read them, I’ll update the spreadsheet, and I’ll try to review some (maybe even most!) of them on the blog, ideally before the year ends. As that happens, I’ll add reviews here, as and when and if I write them.

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Book Review: Being Human In God’s World
Book Review: God With Us
Book Review: Silence
Book Review: Raising Teens in a Hyper-Sexualised World

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